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Our range of accessories feature products which complete your 3D printing suite.

Order direct for US customers.

Available in Europe via 3D Dental Store, Asia-Pacific via Spatial Dynamics and  China via Jufeng3D.

Desktop UV Curing Box

The best tool for post-curing your prints.
Featuring a built-in automatic rotating platform and user-friendly one-button controls, your prints cure quickly and evenly with no hassle.

Desktop UV Curing Lamp

This low maintenance curing lamp is
essential for curing your prints. A one button timer operates its 10 built-in UV lamp beads which ensure even light distribution for worry-free post curing of
your prints.
Comes in gold, silver or blue.       


Utilizing a micro step motor and a programmable syringe pump to release resin and an integrated long-life UV LED which ensures rapid curing of resin in seconds, this is the de-facto electronic tool for finishing and repairing your prints.