Draken III  has improved all the functions of its predecessor.


It has a speed of 80mm/hr, a 13.3-inch monochrome 4K LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, and improved components, such as a more stable build platform which requires no calibration and a custom 50,000-hour life Parallel UV LED  light source.  


Compatible with any and every resin in the market today, including transparent materials.


Chitubox software suite is fully-featured and user-friendly, excellent for even beginners to use. Print highly detailed objects like casts for jewellery, dental molds and engineering prototypes as well as sculptures and miniatures with extreme detail.


Its compact, sleek and futuristic design fits on any desktop in any office space, clinic or workshop. Made by 3DFacture. Comes with software along with a starter kit containing a scraper, a pair of scissors and a lens cleaner brush. Order yours now.


Ships in 2 weeks.

Draken Ⅲ

  • XY Resolution              76 µm   
    Z Resolution                 10µm
    Max Printing Speed     80 mm / hr
    Print Volume                 29.2*16.5*40 cm
    Support Software         CHITU BOX
    Power                            100-240V, 200W