The Weaver Laser Control Suite contains everything you need to easily replace the internal components of your Weaver in the unforseen event you require to repair it. It includes the following:


  • One X and Y driver
  • Two galvanometer engines (X and Y)
  • Connecting cables for drivers, galvanometer engines, and power supply unit
  • Two input signal cables
  • One power supply unit
  • One touchscreen
  • One field lens
  • Installation Manual

Weaver Laser Control Suite


    AC power

    Auto-switching 100V – 240V 50/60Hz

    Power Supply

    ±15VDC @1A each


    Analog ±5V

    Mirror Aperture


    Mirror Coating

    High quality dielectric film


    >99.3% @45°incidence(400nm-700nm)


    40Kpps@±20°(ILDA40K Test Frame)

    Deflection Angle

    max 70°optical (factory calibration @±25°)

    Deflection Angle

    Operating Voltage


    20° optical deflection



    15° optical deflection



    10° optical deflection



    8° optical deflection



    5° optical deflection





    Appearance Size

    150mm x 100mm

    Input Voltage

    DC24V 10-15A

    Power Interface

    Round Common/Adapter Interface

    Motor Drive Interface

    Integrated 1-way 16 subdivision

    Supported File Format


    Data Interface

    SD Card




    3.5 inch TFT color touch screen

    Motor Driver

    Allegro A4982 (single motor drive)

    Slicer Software


  • Our limited warranty applies to 3D Facture's Weaver Laser Control Suite. Our warranty covers all shipping damage or material defects of the Product for six (6) months from the date of purchase or after the date of the first delivery of the product. ("Warranty Period")
    For hardware failure, Spatial Dynamics may elect to repair or replace defective part(s) at its sole discretion. Replacement part(s) will be supplied on an exchange basis and the return of the defective part(s) must be approved through the Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") process before it is deemed qualified for the service.

    Spatial Dynamics shall bear the cost of repair or replacement but not the shipping costs associated with the issuance of replacement part(s). Shipping charges associated with the return of the replacement part(s) are the sole responsibility of the customer. The replacement part(s) do not carry a warranty in themselves, but will be replaced as long as the Product itself is within the warranty period, subject to the terms and conditions of this limited warranty.