The Weaver is a desktop laser SLA printer that is compact and can fit on any desktop. It has specialized components, which are a first for a printer of this size and class; The F-Theta lens ensures dimensional accuracy, smoothness and detail, no matter where your models are placed on the build platform, while the 50-micron laser spot size guarantees the highest ever resolution found in a laser SLA printer in the market, and the built-in touchscreen features a simple user interface coupled with a fully-featured and user-friendly proprietary software suite. It is also compatible with any and every resin in the market today, including transparent materials!  Print highly detailed objects like casts for jewellery, dental molds and engineering prototypes as well as sculptures AND miniatures with extreme detail. Your prints will look and feel like injection molded plastics, every time. Its sleek, compact and futuristic design fits in any office space, clinic or workshop. Made by 3DFacture. Comes with software along with a starter kit containing a scraper, a pair of scissors and a lens cleaner brush. Ships within 1 week.


Weaver Features:

  • F-Theta lens technology increases the precision to 50 µm and expands the printing area to 15x15cm.
  • Sturdy print bed with Teflon coating to dramatically increase VAT life time.
  • Quiet printer with no noise
  • Support for 3rd party resins


The F-theta lens provides a focused 50 micron round spot profile at very wide angles, increasing light uniformity and enhancing the surface smoothness of printed parts. The Weaver is the first desktop SLA printer to use a F-theta lens which gives it the highest resolution of any SLA printer available today!



Weaver uses 405nm UV laser to cure photosensitive resin layer-by-layer. It has a resolution of 50μm in the XY plane and 25 μm in the Z axis. Weaver uses a high-end linear rail and up to 10 μm Z layer thickness can be achieved if finer details are needed. It is capable of printing objects up to 15 x 15 x 19 cm.  Weaver with a F-Theta lens has great printing accuracy, surface smoothness, allowing high quality large area printing.



Weaver maximizes the printing needs of professional users: prototyping, art design, jewelry casting, and dental prints.  The impressive 50 micron laser spot not only makes fine details but assures 2X smoother surface finish compared to regular SLA printers.

  • In  the medical area, Weaver can produce precise dental models that fits perfectly with patient teeth
  • In jewelry printing, Weaver allows batch production of castable jewelry molds with fine details
  • In engineering applications, Weaver can product large parts with impressive quality and accuracy.


  • Printing Technology: Laser Stereolithography

    Highest Layer Z Resolution: 25 microns (0.025mm)

    Highest Layer XY Resolution: 50 microns (0.050mm)

    Maximum Print Size: 150mm X 150mm X 190mm

    Maximum Print Speed: 20mm / hr at 100 micron resolution

    Laser Wavelength: 405nm

    AC Input: 110 or 220V

    Physical Dimensions: 38cm X 28cm X 50cm

    Product Weight: 14.6kg

  • Our limited warranty applies to 3D Facture's Weaver printers. Our warranty covers all shipping damage or material defects of the Product for one (1) year from the date of purchase or after the date of the first delivery of the product. ("Warranty Period")
    For hardware failure, Spatial Dynamics may elect to repair or replace defective part(s) at its sole discretion. Replacement part(s) will be supplied on an exchange basis and the return of the defective part(s) must be approved through the Return Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") process before it is deemed qualified for the service.

    Spatial Dynamics shall bear the cost of repair or replacement but not the shipping costs associated with the issuance of replacement part(s). Shipping charges associated with the return of the replacement part(s) are the sole responsibility of the customer. The replacement part(s) do not carry a warranty in themselves, but will be replaced as long as the Product itself is within the warranty period, subject to the terms and conditions of this limited warranty.